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Freedom from Sexual Violence

2018 Legislative Session

These next 2-3 days are CRITICAL for the success or failure of the bill

Updates and Timeline

  • 4/16 Passed out of the House Education Committee
  • 4/17 Passed 2nd reading in the House
  • 4/18 Passed 3rd reading in the House
  • 4/18 Bill assigned to Senate Judiciary Committee
  • 4/23-4/25 we should know the hearing date and time
  • Week of 4/30 HB18-1391 will hopefully be heard in the Senate


Ask the Senate to support HB18-139, Sexual Misconduct in Institutions of Higher Education

Contact your Senator ASAP

The Senate Judiciary Committee will hear HB18-1391 as soon as THIS MONDAY, 4/23.  There are 20 calendar days left in the session and things move fast! We need you to contact your state Senator to show your support and urge them to vote yes ASAP.
Please forward this urgent action alert to your network ASAP!
Who is my Senator and what is their contact information? Click here! 

Sample Email:

Dear Senator [Senator’s name],
My name is [insert name] and I am a constituent residing in the [enter your zip code] OR I am [a victim advocate at XXXX organization who provides services to your constituents.]
It has come to my knowledge that HB18-1391, Sexual Misconduct in Institutions of Higher Education, will be heard in the Senate Judiciary committee in the upcoming days.
I am contacting you to ask that you vote yes on HB18-1391. I am deeply concerned by the issue of sexual violence on college campuses and especially the lack of consistency in federal guidelines over the last 20 years. Sexual violence affects 1 in 5 women and 1 in 16 men on college campuses with 40% abusing drug and alcohol as means to self-medicate. This has a profound effect on our communities with 34% of college student survivors experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, 33% experiencing depression, and only 12% of victims report the assault.
[Insert optional personal or professional story]
HB18-1391 is a bipartisan bill, crafted in collaboration with Colorado Institutions of Higher Education and Colorado advocacy groups, that creates a Colorado Solution. This bill establishes transparency, fairness, clarity, and consistency to ensure all of Colorado’s students have safe and meaningful access to their education. I urge the Senate to consider the survivors AND the accused who deserve an equitable process that HB18-1391 provides. I urge the Senate to treat the eradication of sexual violence on college campuses as the bipartisan issue that it is–we all have a stake in a safer world.  I urge you Senator [insert Senator’s name], to vote yes on HB18-1391.
Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing back from you.
[Your name]

Sample Talking Points 

  • This bill is a Colorado solution agreed upon by Colorado institutions of higher education, and Colorado victim advocacy groups to address campus sexual misconduct and create clear and consistent policies to support survivors, establish fairness in procedures, and ensure safe and meaningful access to education for all..
  • Sexual violence affects 1 in 5 women and 1 in 16 men on college campuses. Only 12% of victims report the assault. Sexual violence has a profound effect on our communities with 34% of college student survivors experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, 33% experiencing depression, and 40% abusing drug and alcohol as means to self-medicate.
  • HB18-1391 creates a clear and consistent solution for all parties while providing schools with the freedom to craft their own policies and procedures that meet the specific needs of their individually unique campus communities
  • HB18-1391 addresses these issues by:
    • Establishing new transparency standards by making policies easily accessible to current and prospective students, families, and friends.
    • Utilizing an equitable standard of proof which assumes no wrongdoing of either party for investigating cases of sexual misconduct;
    • Prohibiting the use of unrelated sexual history of either party to be considered as facts of the case;
    • Streamlining procedures by allowing both the complainant and respondent to submit questions for one another to the individual or individuals participating in investigative process to allow both party’s equal right to be heard and prohibit the harmful practice of direct cross-examination of either party
    • Eliminating a barrier to reporting by establishing policies that prevent survivors from being found in violation of the campus code of conduct for behaviors such as underage drinking if/when reporting sexual misconduct to the institution
    • Ensuring:
      • Timely, concurrent updates for both parties on the status of an investigation;
      • Training of all incoming students and new faculty on sexual misconduct and the policies for reporting and investigating misconduct;
    • Supporting biannual summits to bring stakeholders together to share best practices information

Don’t Forget 

This bill has passed the House and is in the Senate. Then the Governor must sign the bill, in order for it to become law. Watch for continual urgent action alerts as this bill moves through the legislative process. For more information about attending and/or testifying at a public hearing, please contact Medha, Outreach and Policy Associate, at or 303-523-7490  (she is available nights and weekends in addition to regular business hours to answer any questions).

2018 Legislative Fact Sheets

Campus Bill Fact Sheet 

HB18-1391 FAQs

HB 18-1391 Talking Points

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