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Freedom from Sexual Violence

CCASA Committees

CCASA engages our members in committees that address core focus areas of our work and provide an opportunity for members to take leadership in CCASA’s state level initiatives.

Public Policy Committee

policy committeeParticipants are needed to share feedback on how pending legislation may potentially impact Victims/Survivors and Service Providers in our state.  The Committee meets the third Tuesday of every month from 11:30 to 1:00 at CCASA, and all the meetings are also accessible via conference call. Participation is open to all CCASA members.  This committee is staffed by Raana Simmons, Director of Policy, CCASA. Visit our Public Policy webpage for more information about our past and current policy work.

Committee Co-Chairs: Sasha Hutchings, Denver District Attorney’s Office, and Jessica Fraizer, Licensed Clinical Social Worker


CCASA Blog Committee

The CCASA Blog Committee is comprised of CCASA members who oversee the CCASA blog posts, outreach, and branding.  The purpose of the CCASA Blog is to create a conversation among members, partners and the general public about issues related to sexual violence prevention.  View the CCASA Blog!


Sexual Assault Awareness Month Committee

The Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) Planning Committee is comprised of CCASA members and relevant staff and is active October-May of each year to plan for April’s activities. This committee creates and implements a statewide SAAM theme, messaging, events, and other materials for distribution to CCASA membership.


Inclusiveness Team

IT Group Photo2

CCASA recognizes that sexual assault and oppression are intricately linked and is committed to grappling with the complexities of societal power and privilege in order to create inclusive policies and practices.  With this idea in mind, CCASA has formed an Inclusiveness Team (IT) to enhance CCASA’s core values of anti-oppression and social justice. The IT is comprised of CCASA members.  Responsibilities of the IT include:

  • Be a space for ongoing dialogue related to issues of anti-oppression and social justice
  • Maintain and oversee implementation of a blueprint to set the standards of the organization
  • Develop recommendations for inclusiveness at all levels of the agency
  • Develop and monitor strategies to communicate inclusiveness efforts, and solicit input and feedback from stakeholders
  • Develop and monitor strategies to document progress on inclusiveness efforts
  • Enhance the organization’s ability to integrate inclusiveness efforts throughout its lifetime

Committee Co-Chairs: Brie Franklin, Executive Director, CCASA, and Carmen Stevens, Immigrant Advocate, San Luis Valley Immigrant Resource Center

Now recruiting for IT members!  Learn more, click below:

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Fundraising & Events Committee

The Fundraising and Events Committee exists to raise funds and plan events to broaden support for CCASA in the community. This committee is staffed by Brie Franklin, Executive Director, CCASA.