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Freedom from Sexual Violence


Grants Financial Specialist

Website Office for Victims Programs, Division of Criminal Justice

Description of Job 

Information about the Work Unit
This work unit exists to improve the physical and emotional recovery of Colorado’s crime victims and to restore victims’ confidence in the criminal justice system. To achieve this goal, the unit conducts the following statewide activities:Development, implementation, and enforcement of the Standards for the  administration of victim programs;
Investigation, mediation and enforcement of compliance with constitutional and statutory requirements to protect the rights of crime victims;
Development of public policy initiatives for victim services in Colorado, including coordination and collaboration with state and local public and private non-profit and governmental victim service agencies;
Training and education;
Administration of four federal formula grants, two federal discretionary grants, and one state grant program;
Staffing of the Crime Victim Services Advisory Board, which has statutory responsibilities and funding recommendation responsibilities;
Data collection and reporting to the legislature, the general public and the federal government;
Administration of the Sexual Assault Victim Emergency payment program; which includes the review and authorization of payments for forensic medical exams and medical costs in certain situations; and,
Staffing of the Human Trafficking Council, which has statutory responsibilities for policy recommendations to the General Assembly.
Position duties
Reviews financial quarterly reports and the extensive back-up documentation submitted by the grantees and determines the accuracy and appropriateness of the reported expenditures. Reviews cash requests and budget modification requests by comparing expenditures to disbursements and tracking spending patterns to determine if the requests are appropriate and within the accepted grant management procedures of the program.  Provides information and recommendations to the program managers as to the approval, denial, or modification of financial requests from grantees based upon an extensive analysis of the cash requests for the Victim Compensation Program and S.T.O.P. VAWA, and VOCA, programs and the specific rules for each grant program.  Works with grantees to rectify problems with cash requests and explain to them why a cash request can or cannot be processed.  Processes disbursements of approved funds through CORE.  Update grant management and accounting databases using a variety of software applications in order to maintain day-to-day accounting activities of the grant programs and to ensure the timeliness and completeness of information for the annual federal and state reports.  Ensure submission of correct grantee information to federal agencies.  Notifies grantees of errors or omissions in reports and work with them towards a satisfactory reconciliation.

Reviews files for closure of the awards to determine if all requirements of the contract have been met and if funds have been properly expended.  Ensures that data contained in the grant management system is accurate and in agreement with CORE.

Initiates contracts and Purchase Orders verifying correct dollar amounts, proper budget categories, match requirements and signature compliance.  Produces correct accounting documents to encumber and track funds in CORE and enter contract information into the Grant Management System. (Initiates the contract signature process of department in obtaining the signatures of the division director and controller designee and ensure that the process is completed.

Participates in the competitive grant application process by reviewing applicants’ budgets for accuracy, allowable expenses and compliance with program guidelines prior to funding meetings.  Recommends to the program manager any necessary corrections that need to be made to the financial reports.  Assists with compiling comparison data for staff and board members which is used at the funding meetings.  Following funding decisions, input and updates data submitted for required grantee award reports.

Responsible for OVP administrative related accounts payable and receivable activity for the Office for Victims Programs. This includes, but is not limited to, processing ERFs and invoices, reviewing travel and other expense reports for OVP staff, and members from two Board/Council, and dozens of trainers and consultants; initiating interagency transfers between divisions and other state departments; and identifying and requesting journal vouchers. This position will also reconcile expenses on a monthly basis to ensure accuracy.

Will work with OVP staff and DCJ admin to prepare any documents for consultants, documented quotes or RFPs.

Performs other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications, Substitutions, Conditions of Employment & Appeal Rights

Applicants must be a resident of the State of Colorado at the time application is submitted to be eligible to apply.

Requires graduation from an accredited college or university with a bachelor’s degree.  Please attach a copy of your college transcripts at the time of application to verify education.  Also requires a minimum of two years full time professional experience in the financial aspects of the administration of grants.

Experience as described above, demonstrating competencies equivalent to the competencies learned through completion of the required education may be substituted for the bachelor’s degree on a year for year basis.

Other requirements
Requires successful completion of a criminal history search and polygraph exam.  Recent criminal activity or drug use may be cause for removal from consideration for hire.