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Freedom from Sexual Violence

Public Policy

SAVE Bill signing-edited

CCASA works to ensure that state and federal legislation supports survivors of sexual violence, provides adequate funding for sexual assault service providers, holds offenders accountable, and strives to end sexual violence in our communities. This process includes drafting, reviewing and lobbying for legislation and policy that encourages system change. Since 1984, CCASA has been instrumental in the passage of legislation that includes:

  • Eliminating the criminal statute of limitations for child sex abuse
  • Requiring mandatory reporting of abuse by clergy
  • Criminalizing marital rape
  • Instituting lifetime supervision for sex offenders and creating the sex offender registry
  • Clarifying and strengthening Colorado’s rape shield law
  • Making the communications between a sexual assault victim and victim advocate confidential
  • Assisting in the creation of an interagency task force on the trafficking of persons
  • Ensuring access to information about emergency contraception for victims of sexual assault
  • Clarifying mandatory reporting laws to ensure confidentiality for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Safeguarding the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board
  • Creating the Sexual Assault Victim Emergency (SAVE) Payment Program (Bill signing in picture above)
  • Revising civil parental rights statutes to ensure there is a path for protection for victims who have a child as a result of rape
  • Creating a position within the Colorado School Safety Resource Center that can provide training, technical assistance, and resources for school personnel and parents regarding the awareness and prevention of child sexual abuse and assault
  • Creating an anonymous reporting option for victims who wish to have evidence collected, while maintaining confidentiality with law enforcement
  • Extending the statute of limitations for felony sexual assault of an adult from 10 to 20 years