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Theo Isoz

Theo Isoz


Theo Isoz (they, them, theirs) is pretty sure that talking about sex is going to change the world. No really, it is. Conversations about sexuality radically address the core of relationships, identity, values, goals, and pleasure which allows people to know and respect themselves as well as the experiences, bodies, and selves of others.

Theo is a sex educator and believes deeply in what they do. In recent years, Theo has particularly focused their work on creating conversations that support youth when navigating their sexuality and media, developing LGBTQIA+ inclusive sex education and human services practices, advocating for young people to have autonomy over their bodies and pleasure, and facilitating groups for people whose relationship to their sexuality has been harmed by conservative religious messages. They work for the Colorado Sexual Health Initiative at the Department of Human Services to provide sex education to young people involved in human services systems.

In their off-time, Theo crafts and enjoys the menagerie of pets and humans that fill their home with chaos.