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Freedom from Sexual Violence

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Blogging Guidelines

  • Keep the goals of the CCASA blog in mind:
    • To raise awareness, provoke discussion, and offer insight
    • “We blog because remaining silent isn’t an option”
  • Keep the values of CCASA in mind:
    • Anti-oppression and Social Justice/Change
    • Survivor Focus
    • Collaboration and Community Engagement
    • Advocacy and Education
    • Safety and Freedom
    • Offender Accountability
    • Ethical Practices
  • Identify your theme or your main message and stick to it throughout the post.
  • Keep your blog to between 500-700 words. Adding images/gifs/memes is encouraged!
  • Give credit when you cite or borrow from research/news articles/other blogs.
    • Include links to the original material whenever possible.
  • Proofread your blog before submitting it.
  • Where applicable, include a call to action in your post. What should readers do after they’ve read the blog?  What’s the next step?
  • Consider your audience.
    • Who are they?
      • Survivors, CCASA members, helping professionals/advocates, the general public
    • What do they likely already know? What questions will they have?
    • What are they concerned about? What are they excited about?
  • Remember that you are a part of a community. The blog is intended to generate larger discussion and engagement.  Conversation is encouraged!

CCASA staff reserves the right to edit blog post submissions.  We will always discuss any edits with the author of the post before publishing the post on our website.  CCASA will promote blog posts on our social media platforms.  If you are blogging on behalf of your agency, you are encouraged to share the post on your organization’s social media channels as well.  Not all submitted posts will be chosen for the blog.  CCASA staff reserves the right to choose those submissions that we will publish on our blog.

If you have questions about the CCASA blog or would like to submit a post, please contact Jolene Cardenas, Director of Communications & Community Engagment, at 720.330.8922 or

Types of Blog Posts

  • Instructional/How-To
    • Incorporate a testimonial if possible
  • Informational
    • About news or a topic
    • Facts about your organization/program
    • Myths vs. facts
    • Addressing stereotypes or misconceptions
    • Link to articles/blogs/websites that provide supporting evidence
  • List
    • Top 10 Ways To…
    • 7 Reasons Why…
    • 5 Favorite…
    • 5 Mistakes to Avoid…
      • Add memes/images/gifs/infographics to the lists!
  • Profile/Interview
    • Individuals
    • Colorado Agencies/Programs
    • Survivor Spotlight
  • Book/Movie/Documentary Reviews
  • Open Letter
  • Link to another blog post/a podcast/a book review/a news story
  • Event Promotion/Recap
  • Personal Story
    • Survivor Story or Poem
    • Advocate Story
      • Maintain confidentiality
  • Teaching Tools
  • A Quick Guide to…(consent, legal processes, rights around certain issues, etc.)
    • Link to resources on CCASA website if applicable
  • Definitions
  • FAQs/SAQs (should ask questions)
    • What should we be asking about a topic?
  • Infographics