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Freedom from Sexual Violence

CCASA Change Maker Allyce Redwine



About Allyce Redwine

At the age of 9, Allyce “Ally” Redwine discovered her love for creating and baking original baked good recipes.   Her passion for baking is matched with a purpose.  In 2009, a close family member sexually assaulted Ally leaving her traumatized.  The experience ignited her passion for awareness.   Creating recipes became Ally’s healing process.  On February 14, 2013, Ally became a member of Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CCASA) and took a stand to publicly speak up about the history of sexual trauma in her life.

As a self taught creative epicurean artisan of baked goods, Ally’s inspirational creations comes in sporadic and impromptu revelations to her and those which each recipe is named.  Prior to the establishment of Delicious and Divine, Ally had a dream of having a virtuous house for the healing of emotional wounds, trauma and childhood sexual traumatic issues for men, women and children.  Ally’s happiness in seeking and achieving the vision came at a high price of fully exposing her emotional wounds.

In 2010, Ally developed the concept of Delicious and Divine. With the help of the Women’s Business Center at Mi Casa, Ally achieved all her dreams in becoming a social entrepreneur in the Mile High City.   Ally’s greatest hope is to bring inspiration to each person she encounters with the joy of living her life with passion and purpose as an advocate for awareness in childhood sexual trauma.

Allyce & CCASA


Allyce says, “CCASA’s awareness through programs, resources, literature and involvement with Colorado legislation is a safe haven for victims to find courage and claim victory in being a survivor.”