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Freedom from Sexual Violence

CCASA Change Maker Ari Barger



About Ari Barger

As a Colorado native, Ari grew up in the mountains loving everything the outdoors has to offer.  Skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating, cross-country skiing, camping, hiking, rafting, backpacking, biking, rock climbing, roller skating are some of the various activities she grew up loving.  At the age of 15 she became a statistic – a victim of sexual violence.  For the next decade she let this negatively impact her life and remained in the role of a victim.  At the age of 25 her life was forever changed after reaching out to Summit Advocates for Victims of Assault and she made her transformation from victim to survivor.  She recently graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver through the individualized degree program with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anti-Violence Advocacy.  She plans on continuing her education and looks forward to being an advocate for survivors of sexual violence state, nation, and world-wide.


In 2009 she began volunteering for CCASA after becoming a part of the Survivor Task Force.  This role has been integral in shaping her into the activist she is today.  She has done many things for CCASA including public policy testimony, helping around the office, speaking at a variety of events on behalf of survivorship, attending various conferences and trainings, fundraising events, and sitting on various committees.


Ari says, “I can’t imagine life for a survivor in the state of Colorado without the work CCASA has done.  CCASA is a dedicated organization that strives to create a community where sexual violence is not tolerated.  CCASA provides community members and organizations with valuable training, influential public policy work, outlets for survivors to discuss their individual and unique experiences, up-to-date literature on a variety of subjects, and highly motivated activists dedicated to creating safety, justice, and healing.  CCASA has been integral in the successes survivors of sexual violence have seen the past thirty years!”