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Freedom from Sexual Violence

CCASA Change Maker Diane Moore



About Diane Moore

Diane Moore has worked in the field of domestic and sexual violence for thirty-one years and serves as the Executive Director of Advocates Building Peaceful Communities in Routt County.  Ms. Moore was previously employed by the Routt County Department of Human Services and the Denver Department of Human Services.  Areas of expertise include:  child protection, intensive family treatment, and specialized foster care.  In addition Ms. Moore worked as a community organizer with a crime prevention program with the Denver District Attorney’s office.  She has been designated as an expert in intimate partner violence, as well as impact on children; sexual violence, and stalking in Routt, Moffat, and Grand County Courts.  Ms. Moore is a trained mediator and is a member of the local debriefing team.  Awards and recognition include:  COVA, Outstanding Victim Advocate Award, 1992; CCADV, Outstanding Advocate Award, 2003; Yampa Valley Business & Professional Women, Woman of the Year Award, 1993; and Doc Willett Health Care Heritage Award, Health Care Community Advocate, 2013. Diane has presented locally and nationally.

Diane & CCASA

As a founding member of CCASA, Diane says, “The core values of CCASA are an integral part of how advocacy is shaped in Colorado.  As a community- based victim services agency, many of these values are critical to our work and our collaboration with CCASA.  Training and support reaches across the state with the end result of communities advocating on behalf of survivors to ensure safety, resources, and opportunity for healing.”