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Freedom from Sexual Violence

CCASA Change Maker Erica Lanier



About Erica Lanier

Over the past six years, Erica Lanier has dedicated her academic, professional and personal life to researching and advocating against child-, intimate partner-, and sexual violence in her community. Erica grew up in Longmont, Colorado, received her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from CU Boulder and is currently a Master of Social Work candidate at the University of Denver where she specializes in child welfare and developmental trauma. Sexual assault victim advocacy has long been a passion of hers. She has donated years of volunteer and internship hours as a crisis intervention counselor and hotline supervisor for Moving to End Sexual Assault and a research assistant to the Rocky Mountain Victim Law Center. In her spare time, Erica enjoys CrossFit, competitive weightlifting, scary movies and taking the canoe out for fishing with her fiancé and nine-year-old stepson.

Erica & CCASA

Erica currently participates on CCASA’s Public Policy Committee, Forensic Compliance Committee, and Survivor Task Force.


Erica says, “CCASA plays a crucial role in changing political and cultural attitudes about sexual violence in our communities, all while providing a safe and supportive environment for survivors to tell their stories and join community advocacy efforts that increase social awareness surrounding the impact of sexual violence on micro, meso, and macro-levels in Colorado. CCASA’s dedication to collaborative community education, offender accountability, anti-oppressive practices and social justice is inspiring.”