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Freedom from Sexual Violence

CCASA Change Maker Jean McAllister



About Jean McAllister

Ms. McAllister is an independent consultant and trainer with her own business, JGM Consulting LLC, and more than 30 years of experience working to address trauma and interpersonal violence. Her work has focused on sexual assault, child abuse and sexual abuse, domestic violence, trauma and victimization, offender dynamics, secondary trauma intervention and policy development. She serves as an expert witness and provides case consultation regarding sexual assault, child abuse and sexual abuse, domestic violence, victim trauma reactions and offender management. She serves as adjunct faculty for the University of Colorado, Denver Department of Psychology teaching a course on Domestic Abuse. Ms. McAllister also works part time doing Special Projects at the Colorado Department of Human Services.  She previously served as Program Director for Health Bridge Alliance, assisting professionals who work with trauma in developing resilience; as the Executive Director for the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault; as the Program Administrator for the Domestic Abuse Assistance Program at the Colorado Department of Human Services, providing funding for programs serving domestic violence victims and their children; and as the Program Administrator for the Sex Offender Management Board at the Colorado Division of Criminal Justice which was, under her administration, selected as a National Resource Site for excellence in sex offender management. She provided crisis intervention and co-coordinated the victim advocacy response for evacuees of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in Colorado. Ms. McAllister worked extensively with survivors of the Columbine High School shootings and criminal justice personnel who responded. She served as consultant and trainer to the Columbine Connection Victim Advocacy Program for the first year after the tragedy.  She worked as a psychotherapist with the Assault Survivors Assistance Program at West Pines Lutheran Medical Center, as Program Supervisor for Gateway Battered Women’s Shelter and as a Child Protection Caseworker for the Arapahoe County Department of Social Services.

Ms. McAllister has trained attorneys, judges, law enforcement officers, treatment providers, victim advocates, mental health professionals, school personnel, health care providers and military personnel locally, nationally and internationally.  Her training expertise includes serving as faculty for The SHIFT Wellness Program for the Innocent Justice Foundation, the Comprehensive Approaches to Sex Offender Management National Training Team, for the Colorado Ending Violence Against Women Training Team, for the Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance Academy and for the American Prosecutors’ Research Institute. She has worked as adjunct faculty for the University of Denver, Graduate School of Social Work and the Community College of Aurora.  She was appointed to the University of Colorado Independent Investigating Commission in 2004. She received the Colorado Governor’s Star Award for Citizenship in 2000.  Her Master’s Degree in Social Work is from the University of Denver where she received the Dean Emil M. Sunley Award for contributions to the school and the profession of Social Work.

Jean & CCASA

Over the years, Jean has been involved with CCASA in many ways:

  • CCASA Board of Directors 1994 to 2004; Chair 1996-2000.
  • Ending Violence Against Women Training Team 2002 to present.
  • Executive Director 2004
  • Providing training for member programs as requested throughout the years.
  • Policy advocacy throughout the years (beginning with the removal of the marital rape exclusion).
  • Co-facilitated the first sexual assault prevention plan for Colorado with over 150 participants in collaboration with CDPHE.
  • Helped plan, organize and participated in writing the first Hotline Training Manual, the Survivor Manual, the first statewide prevention campaign, the research with CU that shaped our ongoing statewide prevention planning.
  • Continue to serve as an expert witness in sexual assault and child sex abuse cases.


Jean says, “CCASA provides leadership, training, skilled organization of the broad group of voices addressing sexual assault throughout Colorado, powerful prevention education and an exceptional ability to impact public policy and legislation through organizing, education and relationship building. The most important thing CCASA does, is hold the heart of the work on sexual assault in our state, with a powerful understanding of and ability to address the horrific impact of these crimes, a deep and abiding understanding of the needs of victim survivors, providing a voice when survivors are not ready to speak and supporting their voices when they are, and offering ongoing support and training to those who work to address sexual assault in local communities throughout our state. CCASA has and continues to change our world for the better to support victim survivors, hold offenders accountable and help us all better understand how to respond to and prevent sexual assault.”