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Freedom from Sexual Violence

CCASA Change Maker Marti Kovener



About Marti Kovener

Marti Kovener was late to her interview for CCASA’s first executive director opening. She got the job anyway, and began putting together a structure and staffing for the organization, working with a board of talented and tireless advocates, including Fofi Mendez, Jean McAllister, Diane Moore, and Fred Tolson. CCASA and Marti grew together, forging partnerships across the victim services, law enforcement, and prosecution worlds and developing new multidisciplinary approaches like SANE-SART and the statewide Ending Violence Against Women training. CCASA and CCADV joined forces and offices, collaborating on an integrated response to all forms of violence against women. Since those days, Marti has moved on to a long career in training and technical assistance across all kinds of criminal justice and victims’ issues, but she has always carried CCASA and its amazing advocates in her heart.

Marti & CCASA


Marti says, “The changes that sexual assault advocates have brought about in recent years are pretty phenomenal – more widespread recognition of sexual violence on campus and in the military, a deeper understanding of the neurobiology of trauma and its impact on victims – these changes are shaping a better experience of healing for women and men who experience sexual assault in Colorado, and they would have never happened without CCASA’s tireless and creative advocacy.”