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Freedom from Sexual Violence

CCASA Change maker Michelle Spradling


About Michelle Spradling

Michelle Spradling has been the Project Director of the Sexual Assault Interagency Council (SAIC) for over six years. SAIC is Denver’s Sexual Assault Response Team and works to improve the response to sexual assault in the City and County of Denver. She has previously served as a Domestic Violence Shelter Advocate at the Women’s Crisis & Family Outreach Center in Castle Rock, CO and nationally at the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) in Washington, DC. She is the Public Policy Committee Chair for the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault and holds a B.A. in Women’s Studies from the University of Wyoming.

Michelle & CCASA

I have been connected to CCASA’s work primarily as a member of the Public Policy committee and Forensic compliance committee. I have also attended regional meetings, SART Institutes, campus meetings and other trainings. Several years ago, I was a part of the SAAM planning committee. I’m also a guest blogger on occasion when I get riled up about something.


Michelle says, “CCASA helps me do my job better. CCASA stays informed on best practices, innovative trends and emerging topics in the field. The trainings, resources, SART Institute and regional meetings better inform me on topics that I can take back to my team. They are my “go-to” for technical assistance.  I am astounded at the policy and legislative work that is done by CCASA. Witnessing CCASA participate in the legislative process firsthand has really opened my eyes to how critical their presence, voice and expertise is in this forum. Also, the work they have done for victims in the sex offender management world is filling a huge gap in victim advocacy. I don’t know that people realize just how incredible CCASA is. Not only do they do amazing work, they do it with less staff than I can count on one hand!”