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CCASA is a Part of the Women’s Lobby of Colorado

By Brandi Dye

CCASA is a member of the Women’s Lobby of Colorado (WLOC).The goal of the WLOC is to serve as the voice of gender equality at the Colorado State Capitol. This includes gender-based violence. Sexual violence can, and does, affect anyone. But WLOC’s recognition of intersectionality and declared inclusion of women of color, women with disabilities, and those in the LGBTQ+ community are directly in line of CCASA’s values of anti-oppression, social change, and respect.

Both Elizabeth Newman, our Public Policy Director and Brandi Dye (me), our Communications and Community Engagement Manager, attend WLOC policy meetings. These meetings include updates on legislation the WLOC supports, as well as members bringing legislation for the WLOC to consider supporting.

CCASA is happy to be a voting member of the WLOC. Our membership allows us to connect with other organizations with similar values, garner support for the legislation CCASA develops, and have input on the support other state legislation receives. Being a part of the WLOC ensures that an anti-sexual violence voice is heard within a powerful state lobby.

If you have any questions about the Women’s Lobby of Colorado and the role CCASA plays as a member, please reach out to Brandi at brandi@ccasa.org.