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CCASA Stands in Solidarity with Survivors


Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CCASA)

Brie Franklin | brie@ccasa.org | c: (970) 673-7516

CCASA Stands in Solidarity with Survivors

Denver – Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018 – We are disappointed by the lack of accountability that has been demonstrated through the State Senate’s sexual harassment investigation process. Whether it is dismissing findings of credibility that sexual harassment more likely occurred than not or giving probation instead of imprisonment to offenders convicted of criminal sexual acts, we see time and time again that offenders’ behaviors are minimized and excused.

We, as a society, cannot expect or demand that victims come forward and report, unless we are willing to follow through on the findings of the very processes that we ourselves have put in place. For any survivor who has reported sexual victimization, it is imperative that disclosures be taken seriously and that those who have caused harm be held responsible. It is time to stop putting the blame and burden on victims, and time to start holding offenders, and ourselves, accountable.

“Justice has not been served when society is more concerned about the impact on offenders’ lives – individuals who chose to disregard the humanity of another person – than on victims’ lives. Justice has not been served when we give offenders a pass and allow them to maintain positions of power and privilege,” says Brie Franklin, CCASA’s Executive Director. “CCASA stands in solidarity with survivors of sexual harassment. We see you. We believe you. We support you.”

These decisions not only impact victims, but our entire community as well. The #MeToo movement has shined a light on the pervasiveness of unwanted sexual behaviors. These behaviors will continue to be tolerated until our communities, and society as a whole, acknowledge, address, and hold accountable those who commit sexual violence in all of its forms.




About CCASA:

The Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CCASA) is a membership organization promoting safety, justice, and healing for survivors while working toward the elimination of sexual violence.

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