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Freedom from Sexual Violence

CCASA Change Makers


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CCASA Change Makers

CCASA is celebrating our 30th Anniversary in 2014, and as part of recognizing the many members and partners who have contributed to CCASA’s success (past and present!), we are honoring “CCASA Change Makers.” A CCASA Change Maker is someone who has made tremendous contributions to CCASA and our work to promote safety, justice and healing for survivors in Colorado over the past 30 years. We have selected individuals from CCASA’s past successes as well as those forging ground for our future accomplishments.

Meet the CCASA Change Makers

Ari Barger, CCASA Member & Volunteer

“CCASA has been integral in the successes survivors of sexual violence have seen the past thirty years!

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Dan Church—CCASA Member & Blogger

“CCASA is vital to changing the way our state addresses sexual violence and supports survivors. Their work gives local organizations necessary support and resources, while taking the lead on policy matters that impact survivors and service providers at all levels.”

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Jennifer Eyl—Former CCASA Board Member & Policy Committee Chairperson

“CCASA’s impact on public policy in Colorado cannot be measured. As a coalition with statewide membership, CCASA has succeeded at passing new legislation to protect survivors and stopping legislation that would hurt survivors every single year. “

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Peggy Heil, Former CCASA Board Member

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Marti Kovener—CCASA’s First Executive Director

“The changes that sexual assault advocates have brought about in recent years are pretty phenomenal – more widespread recognition of sexual violence on campus and in the military, a deeper understanding of the neurobiology of trauma and its impact on victims – these changes are shaping a better experience of healing for women and men who experience sexual assault in Colorado, and they would have never happened without CCASA’s tireless and creative advocacy.”

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Erica Lanier, CCASA Member & Former Intern

“CCASA plays a crucial role in changing political and cultural attitudes about sexual violence in our communities, all while providing a safe and supportive environment for survivors to tell their stories.”

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Jean McAllister, Former CCASA Board Member & Executive Director

“The most important thing CCASA does, is hold the heart of the work on sexual assault in our state… CCASA has and continues to change our world for the better to support victim survivors, hold offenders accountable and help us all better understand how to respond to and prevent sexual assault.”

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Jill McFadden, Former CCASA Executive Director

“In doing the work with CCASA I felt it was always important to remind ourselves as staff and board members that we were not CCASA.   It was our role to ensure that building coalition with survivors, member organizations, community groups, media groups, policy makers, and other professionals enabled us to be a voice.  A combined voice that allowed us to do the work that made CCASA.  This is how I believe we shape sexual assault advocacy in Colorado.”

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Diane Moore, Founding CCASA Member & Former Board Member

“The core values of CCASA are an integral part of how advocacy is shaped in Colorado.  As a community- based victim services agency, many of these values are critical to our work and our collaboration with CCASA.  Training and support reaches across the state with the end result of communities advocating on behalf of survivors to ensure safety, resources, and opportunity for healing.”

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Carmen Murillo Stevens, CCASA Inclusiveness Team & Agency Member

“CCASA’s work is so crucial to Colorado because without it…service providers will not have the necessary resources to serve victims and survivors across the state.”

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Judy Page, Former CCASA Board Member & Chairperson

“CCASA is positioned perfectly to shape policy, advocacy, and assist its members. As a membership coalition, and with its connections in Colorado and nationally, CCASA is the collective voice for sex assault victims and those who serve them.”

Learn more about Judy.

Anpeytu L. Raben, Former CCASA Board Member & Chairperson

“As a statewide membership organization, CCASA’s work is vital in connecting members, peer organizations, and interested persons in collaborative efforts to effectively respond to sexual violence and effect social change.”

Learn more about Anpeytu.

Allyce Redwine, CCASA Member & Founder of Delicious & Divine

“CCASA’s work with Colorado legislature provides a safe haven for victims to find courage and claim victory in being a survivor.”

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Michelle Spradling, CCASA Policy Committee Chair & Agency Member

“I am astounded at the policy and legislative work that is done by CCASA. Witnessing CCASA participate in the legislative process firsthand has really opened my eyes to how critical their presence, voice and expertise is in this forum.”

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Ann Terry, Former CCASA Board Member

“CCASA has established itself as an advocate voice on sexual assault and public policy at the state legislature and in the criminal justice arena.  I was honored to be a part of the CCASA Board for 9 years.”

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Emily Tofte Nestaval, Former CCASA Board Chair

“CCASA’s work is important to shaping sexual assault advocacy in Colorado as it is the one place that members and survivors alike can connect with to make important policy and systems change that truly make meaning of being survivor-centered and offender-focused a reality throughout the state.  CCASA plays a crucial role in unifying these voices advocating for change that will ultimately lead to ending sexual violence in Colorado.”

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