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During this pandemic, many are asking for the support needed to care for their tribal communities. Here is a list of links and contacts for anyone who wishes to donate to Navajo Nation, Ute Mountain Ute, and Southern Ute tribes:

  • List of various tribes seeking donations:  indigenousmutualaid.org/directory
  • We Are Navajo – inspires and empowers members of the Navajo Nation in their quest for health, longevity, happiness, wisdom, knowledge and harmony: hózhó. https://www.wearenavajo.org/
  • K’e Info Shophttp://linktr.ee/keinfoshop (serving Navajo Nation)
  • ADABI Healing Shelter (Lorena Halwood): https://www.adabihealingshelter.org/ (Chinle, AZ, serves all of Navajo Nation)
  • Trudy Tsosie, Principal Victim Advocate at the Family Harmony Program; 928-206-7824 (Shiprock, NM; serves all of Navajo Nation)
  • Orenda Tribe (Amy Yeung): https://www.orendatribe.com/donate-navajo-nation-covid-19-relief
  • Precious Collins, Southwest Rainbow Youth for the Ignacio Mutual Aid: http://swry.org (Ignacio, CO; serving the Southern Ute, Ute Mountain Ute, and Ignacio area)
  • WM Community Griselda Rogers; (435) 459-1507 (White Mesa, Utah; serving Ute Mountain Ute tribe) Looking for cleaning supplies, food items (no carb and starchy foods, meat preferred)
  •  UMUT Councilman Darwin Whiteman Jr.; (970) 560-0437 (Towaoc, CO; serving Ute Mountain Ute tribe)

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