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Freedom from Sexual Violence

Event: 1in6 Webinar: Working with Men Sexually Abused in Childhood


Join us for this 90-minute webinar that will explore how providers working with men in clinical or non-clinical settings can remain sensitive and receptive to a possible underlying source of many men’s negative behaviors and provide resources.


This Webinar explores:

  • Men’s presenting issues that may reflect a history of childhood sexual abuse.
  • Resources and options for men who have experienced childhood sexual abuse
  • Common coping strategies used that may be related to childhood sexual abuse
  • Ways men may respond differently from women to a history of abuse.
  • Availability of resources for male survivors
  • Social/cultural norms for men that inhibit male survivors from reaching out for help
  • Self-care issues that may arise when working with male survivors
  • Impact of abuse and resources for secondary survivors (family and loved ones)

Intended Audience:

Anyone who works with men including: crisis intervention hotline staff and volunteer/staffs; military and civilian victim advocates; mental health workers; child protection workers; law enforcement personnel, and other professionals with some knowledge about the dynamics of sexual abuse.

This is a non-clinical webinar exploring the effects of childhood sexual abuse and how a trauma-informed response to presenting issues can increase our capacity to help men heal.


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