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Freedom from Sexual Violence

Event: 2021 Child Sexual Abuse Prevention & Intervention Symposium

2021 Child Sexual Abuse Prevention & Intervention Symposium

Join us virtually on February 4th for the Colorado School Safety Resource Center’s (CSSRC) Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Symposium. Speakers from coast to coast and within Colorado will give insights on the latest research and best practices:

1. to identify and prevent educator sexual misconduct (Dr. Charol Shakeshaft, Virginia Commonwealth University);
2. on the impact of legal porn on our youth (Dr. Amber Morczek, Nevada State College);
3. on how to ready our young adults for safety when they leave home for work or university (Christopher Gallo, 18th Judicial District Chief Deputy District Attorney and Madison Lengel, SART Coordinator), and
4. insights on internet luring of children using case studies (Katelyn Jenkin, CBI).
Registration is FREE, but required.

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