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Freedom from Sexual Violence

Event: 26th Annual COVA Conference


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Workshops Announced!

Click here to view the workshop schedule

*subject to change



*Scholarship Application Deadline: August 29, 2014


POST, COVA, and African American Scholarships are available. Lodging is available to POST Scholarship applicants only.


Visit the Conference Page for complete scholarship details. You can apply through our online registration website (emails you a confirmation for your records) OR you may print and email, mail, or fax the scholarship application to our office.


Scholarships for Domestic Violence Advocates available through the Metro Domestic Violence Alliance!


The Metro Domestic Violence Alliance offers scholarships for victim advocate trainings, including the COVA Conference. Financial assistance is available for registration AND lodging. These scholarships are based on a reimbursement system, so you must be able to pay for your attendance up front.


Click here to visit the Conference Page, Scholarships section for more information.




Regular registration Deadline: September 26th


Registration can be completed through our online system quickly and easily! For those that prefer to print and email, fax, or mail in your registration, a printable form is available on our website.


CLICK HERE to visit the COVA CONFERENCE PAGE to register, view the conference schedule, Skill Building Course descriptions, and more!



(Sunday, October 26th | 9:30AM – 4:30PM | Lunch Included)

  • POST Training: Jessica Ridgeway Case Study
  • Emotional Intelligence & Dealing with Difficult People
  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Leadership Training
  • Restorative Justice as Related to Crime Victim Issues

POST Training: Cracking the Code: Understanding Different Motives of Those Who Batter