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Freedom from Sexual Violence

Event: 9th Annual Conference on Crimes Against Women


Co-sponsored by the Genesis Women’s Shelter and the Dallas Police Department, this conference directly addresses issuesof sexual assault, specifically as it relates to victim advocacy, investigation and prosecution of a wide range of crimes committed against women. This year, our workshops include topics such as; The Untested Rape Kit Crisis and Cold Case Sexual Assault Prosecutions, The Evolution of the Dallas Police Department’s Response to Cold Case Sexual Assaults: Lessons Learned, and Sexual Assaults in the Tech Age: Sextortion and Sexploitation.  Registration is now open and scholarship opportunities are available! In particular, The Faith and Liberty Scholarship Fund is open to any qualified registrant for the Conference on Crimes Against Women. The matching scholarship will match-fund registration fees, travel costs and hotel costs for up to 2 paid registrants an organization sends. (ie. an organization pays for registration, travel and hotel for one participant, the Faith and Liberty Scholarship Fund will match the expenses for a second registrant to attend). This is a great opportunity, but scholarship funding will go fast!

I hope you will take a few minutes to view this year’s program on our website to learn more about our presenters, workshops, and case studies.;