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Freedom from Sexual Violence

Event: Accessing Civil Protection Orders for Sexual Assault Survivors


While Civil Protection Orders (CPOs) are commonly sought and obtained for protections from domestic violence and stalking, it is not always utilized as a civil legal remedy for victims of sexual assault who may fear seeing or being contacted by the perpetrator. Because the majority of victims know the perpetrator, accessing a civil protection order may be a vital tool in ensuring that the victim is safe at home, school, work, etc. Recent law changes under 2013’s House Bill 1259 were designed to make civil protection orders more accessible for sexual assault victims. This webinar will discuss how CPOs may be integrated into sexual assault advocacy and safety planning. Participants will learn how advocates can be of assistance with the application and hearing, and best practices for providing support.  Participants will also learn about the 2013 revisions to the civil protection order statutes, and how sexual assault eligibility has been clarified and strengthened.

Wednesday,  October 1, 2014 from 1-2:30pm MST

Presented by: Dan Church, Therapist Intern, The Blue Bench and Karen Moldovan, Director of Advocacy & Policy, CCASA


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