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Freedom from Sexual Violence

Event: Assessing the “Trauma-Informed” Landscape: Consensus Around Definitions, Usefulness, and Challenges Associated with the Term


(For survivors and/or direct service providers only.)

The Sexual Violence Justice Institute at the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault (SVJI@MNCASA) has partnered with the Office on Violence Against Women to explore the concept of “trauma-informed” and its current application within the fields of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking. In this special two-year project, SVJI will focus on learning the degree to which there is consensus among practitioners and experts on what the trauma-informed concept encompasses and when, where, and how the concept should be applied. We acknowledge that what is emerging in other fields can inform a definition, important principles, and best practices; therefore, we need to understand how people like you are thinking about, using, and applying the “trauma-informed” concept. The following webinars aim to illuminate this important information.

SVJI@MNCASA will be hosting four webinars in November of 2015. Each webinar will use a polling feature that will allow participants to weigh in on their agreement or disagreement with various aspects of the definitions, usefulness, and challenges associated with the trauma-informed concept. Participants and facilitators will then discuss results from the polls.

These webinars are designed for survivors and/or direct service providers ONLY.

If you are a survivor and/or if you work with survivors on a regular basis,
please join us for one of our webinars!

The webinar dates and times are as follows:
• Trauma-Informed Webinar 1: Friday, 11/6 at 10am PT (12pm CT)
• Trauma-Informed Webinar 2: Tuesday, 11/10 at 8:30am PT (10:30am CT)
• Trauma-Informed Webinar 3: Friday, 11/13 at 11am PT (1pm CT)
• Trauma-Informed Webinar 4: Tuesday, 11/24 at 12:30 PT (2:30 CT)

Registrants will receive more information about the polling questions prior to the webinar.

If you are interested in registering for one of these webinars, please click on the registration link below. Registrants are only able to pick one webinar to attend.

Registration is closed but recordings are available by clicking here!

Contact Kari Ogrodowski, Project Coordinator, at