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Freedom from Sexual Violence

Event: Colorado VINE – More Than Just the Link

Colorado VINE – More Than Just the Link
Wednesday, August 21st from 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm Mountain Time
Presented By: Anthony Antuna, Program Manager, Colorado VINE

Colorado VINE is dedicated to the safety of crime victims, that is our number one concern.  VINELink is a proactive notification system that alerts victim/survivors when an offender’s custody status changes, providing them with peace of mind.

Did you know that Colorado VINE is more than just VINELink?  VINE provides other services such as ArrestWatch, VINEWatch and Justice Intelligence.  These services provide a means for District Attorneys, DA investigators, victim advocates and other law enforcement personnel to assist in bringing justice for victims of crimes.  VINE accomplishes this by providing law enforcement personnel with tools to assist in keeping track of the custody status of those currently incarcerated, being notified when an offender is arrested, and timely data on information related to current and past bookings of offenders and inmates in Colorado jails.

This webinar will present and explain all the services offered by Colorado VINE, and how these services can assist us in protecting and bringing justice to victims of crime in Colorado.

This webinar will serve as the training needed for system-based advocates, community-based advocates that work directly with law enforcement, and law enforcement personnel to be eligible to become users in the VINE secured sites: VINEWatch, ArrestWatch, and JusticeXchange (law enforcement only for JusticeXchange).