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Freedom from Sexual Violence

Event: Webinar: Digital and Social Media Evidence For Investigators


Title: Digital and Social Media Evidence For Investigators


Date: Aug. 3, 2018

Time: 8:30-10:00 AM


Presenter: Sgt. Jason Lundquist
Host: Texas Association Against Sexual Assault (TAASA)


Webinar Description: 

Sexual assault investigations are frequently described as “he said…she said.” Even with biological or physical evidence, the credibility of a victim is routinely questioned. Digital evidence can often corroborate information for an investigator if it is preserved, obtained, and presented correctly. However, for most investigators this occurs infrequently which can make the task seem daunting and confusing. Given a basic understanding of applicable statutes, best practice techniques, and available resources any investigator can obtain valuable information for their case. This class is designed to give the student a basic understanding of digital evidence, what can be obtained, where it is stored, and how to find and collect it.

Sgt. Jason Lundquist has been with the Waco Police Department since 1999 and currently supervises the Crimes Against Children Unit.  The CACU investigates approximately 1200 cases annually involving physical and sexual abuse of children.  Sgt. Lundquist has a master peace officer license and TCOLE instructor certificate.  He has a BA from Baylor University and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in criminal justice from Tarleton State University.


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Training ID: 272-005-884