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Freedom from Sexual Violence

Event: Human Trafficking: Responses at the State and Local Level – Webinar


Around the country, states and cities are finding new, less-punitive ways to respond to survivors of human trafficking. As a part of this movement, more than half of all states have enacted safe harbor laws to ensure that children are not prosecuted for actions they were forced to take by their traffickers.

Join CJJ and the National League of Cities for a webinar on “Human Trafficking: Responses at the State and Local Level” on November 17 at 3:00pm ET.

Participants will learn more about Safe Harbor laws at the state level and the work cities are doing on-the-ground. Presenters will discuss the important role communities can play through charging decisions made by police and other similar measures. Presenters will share information about ways communities such as Denver, Colorado are collaborating with anti-trafficking groups to provide support for survivors who have run away from home.

Presenters include:
– Beth Holger-Ambrose, Executive Director, The Link in Minneapolis, Minn.
– Patrick Hedrick, Director, Denver Juvenile Services Center