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Freedom from Sexual Violence

Event: “Know Thyself: Examining Traps in Treatment of Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivors”


Speaker: Sandy Naatz, M.C., L.P.C

Workshop Description: This workshop is part of WINGS Foundation’s 2014 Trauma-Based Trainings designed for therapists who are relatively new to working with sexual abuse survivors. Therapeutic outcomes are greatly enhanced and therapist burnout reduced when therapists take the time to examine their own personal beliefs, feelings, and wishes. When therapists are intentional about taking the needed time to know themselves; and when they examine the transference and countertransference issues, both the therapist and the client benefit.

This workshop will examine some of the “traps” that therapists can fall into when their beliefs and limits are pushed. Looking at key therapeutic dynamics that arise between client and therapist including (but not limited to) issues of trust, responsibility, boundaries, limits, control, denial, and projection, this workshop will utilize case examples as a basis for discussing therapeutic challenges. In addition, stages of healing will be discussed and therapeutic exercises will be shared among participants.
Again, this is an opportunity for relatively new therapists to participate in a workshop that will provide a process to explore your personal limits, beliefs, and boundaries when it comes to working through the “colorful nuances” of this population. Fundamental differences between Crisis Intervention, Advocacy, and Therapy will also be explored.

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