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Freedom from Sexual Violence

Event: New Inmate Education Video: Introducing a Tool for PREA Implementation


During this hour-long webinar, Just Detention International, in collaboration with the National PREA Resource Center, will introduce a 15-minute inmate education video, which was developed in response to requests from the field. The video will help detention facilities implement the inmate education provision of the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) standards. Detention facilities will be able to show the opening portion of the video during intake to inform incoming inmates about a facility’s zero-tolerance policy on sexual abuse and ways that victims can report. The full video can be used to provide a comprehensive inmate education program that covers the definition of sexual abuse and sexual harassment; the absolute right of inmates to be free from such violence; and agency policies and procedures toward preventing and responding to it. The video features a range of experts, including prisoner rape survivors, former PREA inmate peer educators, advocates, and corrections officials. Because inmate education must be facility-specific, the video has information that is applicable to adult detention settings. 

JDI will also review a facilitator’s guide that will accompany the video. The guide will help corrections officials decide how to customize the video for their inmate education program, by adding specifics such as facility policies, reporting channels, and available victim services. Presenters will provide guidance on how agencies can most effectively use the video and facilitator’s guide to craft an inmate education program that encourages reporting of sexual abuse and increases safety.