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Freedom from Sexual Violence

Event: Responding to Sex Trafficking of Women and Girls from Mexico and Latin America: Client-Centered and Culturally Competent Service Delivery – Webinar


Presented by Karen Romero, Clinical Survivor Service Manager, Polaris.

Wednesday July 27th, 2016 at 12pm (MST)

Every day in Mexico, young women and girls are preyed upon and recruited into human trafficking networks that sell sex in residential brothels, through escort services, and in cantinas across the U.S. Powerful networks concentrated in Mexico enslave tens of thousands of women in an underground sex economy in the U.S. Polaris is focused on understanding and dismantling sex trafficking networks that target women and girls from Mexico and Latin America while simultaneously building up effective, culturally competent services on both sides of the border.

The workshop will focus on tools and resources that address the immediate and unique service needs of these survivors, supporting them through a comprehensive response to this form of sex trafficking. Taking into account a nuanced understanding of migration, gender norms, and cultural context, advocates will learn how to respond to victims effectively and immediately with an eye towards individual empowerment and economic sustainability. Additionally, we will discuss the importance of engaging key stakeholders and communities to be equipped to recognize and address human trafficking. Finally, we will touch on public outreach focusing on awareness-raising activities that will prevent further victimization of vulnerable women and girls in the region.

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