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Freedom from Sexual Violence

Event: Safety and Empowerment Skills for Women and Girls

Safety and Empowerment Skills for Women and Girls

This class is offered to the general public for a suggested donation, but no registration fee is required. Donations of any amount are appreciated to ensure ongoing public access to this class. Suggested donation: $60/person

The Safety and Empowerment Skills class works with participants to develop verbal and physical assertiveness and self-protection skills. Our instructors, experienced in self-defense skills proven to work well for women, train participants in techniques designed to use the unique strengths of female bodies. The Blue Bench believes in empowering those who want to learn and practice self-protection techniques with the opportunity to do so in a safe space. Sexual assault is never the fault of the victim – it is only the fault of the perpetrator who makes the choice to assault another person.

Open to the public for female-identified participants 13 years old and up. Space generously provided by Girl’s Incorporated of Metro Denver. Register online using the link provided below. If you do not want to make the $60 suggested donation during registration, simply select “Pay By Check” on the registration form to proceed without entering a credit card.


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