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Freedom from Sexual Violence

Event: Sexting: A Scandal? – Webinar

Sexting: A Scandal? – Webinar

Sexting (the sharing of sexually explicit text or images over any media — including internet, social media, and text) has been going on for years, but recently has captured the nation’s attention with “scandals” like the one in Canon City. What works? What are the real concerns? Are there more effective ways for us to approach youth on these sensitive topics? This is a complicated issue that warrants more than alarmist responses and punitive policy making.

In Colorado Youth Matter’s free webinar, we will delve into the concept of sexting, the perceived psychology of teens (and why they sext), and ideas for how parents, teachers, and administrators can tackle this topic with the teens we love and educate. We will share conversation topics, groundbreaking lesson plans, and model school policies and talking points.

Join us Tuesday March, 1 2016 from 12 – 1 PM MST, or from 4 – 5 PM MST. Register here!