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Event: Social Justice Workshop Series – Cultural Appropriation

Social Justice Workshop Series – Cultural Appropriation

Living in a post-colonial world with rapid advances in technology, many people are finding more opportunities than ever to explore the cultural innovations of diverse groups. Continuing the discussion of the dynamics of oppression, this session looks at the topic of cultural appropriation. What is the role of power and privilege in choosing to participate in someone else’s culture? What are the consequences when a religious rite or an artistic expression is practiced by those who may not recognize or understand its full meaning? How can we respectfully learn about other cultures without appropriating their richness? For some, the term “cultural appropriation” can be triggering. Whether you belong to a cultural group that you feel has been appropriated by those from the dominate culture, or you struggle with how to participate in or celebrate other’s cultures without falling into cultural appropriation yourself, we welcome you to this important conversation.

Wednesday November 18th,- 11am -1pm

SPAN Outreach Center

835 North St., Boulder



Community Members: $10 per session (no one will be denied for inability to pay)
Students & SPAN Volunteers/Interns: Free
To RSVP- contact Tina at 303.449.8623 or