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Freedom from Sexual Violence

Event: Tapping Into Your Personal Power to Protect Yourself with Grace and Style

Tapping Into Your Personal Power to Protect Yourself with Grace and Style

Come align yourself with Denver’s newest community collective of strong, powerful, passionate women leaders. Join us as we discuss effective ways to protect and defend ourselves from unwanted verbal and physical advances in this empowering ‘Healthy Women Leaders Unite!’ event.

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Join Healthy Women Leaders and InPower Living on Tuesday, April 3, from 6-8pm to meet an amazing group of women and learn to tap into your personal power.

The World Health Organization estimates that 1 in 3 (35%) of women worldwide have experienced either physical and/or sexual violence from a domestic partner or non-partner sexual violence in their lifetime. One in THREE. As health-conscious women, we physically exercise our bodies and learn to get ahead in our careers, but do we know basics on how to protect ourselves?

Have you ever:
• Felt a creepy vibe from someone but did not know what the right thing to do was?
• Been upset by an unwanted interaction but shoved it down and didn’t say anything?
• Found it easy to stand up for a friend in a dangerous situation, but shrink away when it comes to addressing your own long-standing issues?
• Gone off the deep end and gotten aggressive because you just couldn’t take it anymore?
• How do we better handle these (unfortunately common) situations? Where is the guidebook on all of this?

The good news is, there’s a secret – one many healthy, successful women have learned, used, and shared with each other over the history of womankind. We have inherent power. We just need training on how to use it.

In this 2-hour mini-workshop, Master Instructor / Speaker / Self Defense Specialist Theresa Byrne will guide the group to:
• Understand what protecting yourself really means.
• Learn about the mindset of predators.
• Access the inner warrior inside of you – someone you can call upon anytime you need her.
• Learn powerful boundary-setting strategies you can use anywhere/anytime.
• Connect to your power in a new way that way you’ll always remember! You’ll feel GREAT and know what to do if you ever need to protect yourself.

Although the majority of this evening will be a discussion, if you are interested in learning/practicing some self-defense moves they will also be displayed.

About Theresa Byrne:
20-plus-year teacher/trainer martial artist, 4th Degree Black Belt, master boundary setting trainer, certified Master Level Instructor, national self-defense authority, personal protection specialist, female entrepreneurship speaker, fear researcher, and health/fitness professional.

Co-host of television/radio shows and workshops, appeared or been interviewed on many national and international television networks, media, and in several books.

Please be sure to OFFICIALLY reserve your spot at: