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Freedom from Sexual Violence

Event: Webinar: How to Identify Human Trafficking Survivors, Spot their Legal Needs and Request Free Legal Help through the ALIGHT Tool


Monday, July 17th, from 12:00 – 1:oo pm
Presented by: Marianna Kosharovsky, Executive Director, ALIGHT.

Survivors of human trafficking show up with different stories and sets of circumstances at the doors of community organizations and service providers. Whether it is sex or labor trafficking, human trafficking always involves the severe exploitation of another person for profit. Yet it can be hard to recognize the signs or know how to respond effectively.

Adding to the complexity, often survivors have a host of problems to untangle and resolve, from identity theft to child custody, debt, housing, safety and criminal records. Many of these basic life challenges are in fact legal issues with which lawyers from different areas of law can help. For example, the legal need to obtain a civil order of protection, access housing and benefits, seal criminal records, understand a child custody agreement or negotiate with debt collections agencies.

The workshop will address the signs and resources for identifying survivors of human trafficking, as well as survivors’ basic and interlocking legal needs. We will also discuss how service providers and advocates can help with these problems by connecting to free help from the legal community on civil law, criminal law and family law issues through the ALIGHT tool and program. Finally, we will share information on additional resources and services relevant for supporting this population.


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ALIGHT works at the intersection of law, technology and human trafficking to offer tools that deliver meaningful justice to survivors of human trafficking.To learn more on how we help human trafficking survivors connect to free legal assistance with their diverse legal needs, visit us at

If you are interested in attending, we want to tailor this workshop to your needs. Please reach out to us at to let us know what type of problems (legal or otherwise) the human trafficking survivors you work with encounter.