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Freedom from Sexual Violence

Event: What Advocates Need to Know about the Rape Kit Backlog

Presented by Karen Moldovan, CCASA and Terri Livermore, Division of Criminal Justice 

In recent years, the “backlog” of sexual assault evidence kits has received extensive national attention as many jurisdictions collected evidence from sexual assault victims but never conducted DNA testing of that evidence. Following an outcry from survivors and advocates, who pointed out the importance of testing that evidence for offender accountability, states began passing legislation mandating evidence kit DNA testing. Colorado was no exception and in 2013 passed House Bill 1020 which mandated the testing of untested sexual assault kits. The Sexual Assault Evidence Collection and Testing Law (C.R.S. § 24-33.5-113) went into effect on March 1, 2014 with two parts: 1) testing of “backlogged” evidence, and 2) requiring that most sexual assault kits to be tested after March 1, 2014. The change in Colorado’s law enacted a victim-centered approach to evidence testing, with corresponding changes in evidence collection and notification of testing results. This webinar provides an overview of the law, ensures participants understand the new victim consent form and its implications, and answers questions about the law and resulting practices.

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