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Freedom from Sexual Violence

Event: What Works: Identifying and Preventing Gender Bias in the Criminal Justice System’s Response to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

What Works: Identifying and Preventing Gender Bias in the Criminal Justice System’s Response to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Join the Battered Women’s Justice Project (BWJP) and a group of esteemed national experts in sunny Jacksonville, Florida for a stimulating two and a half day conference. This training will provide law enforcement, prosecutors and advocates the opportunity to connect with peers from around the country to examine and discuss the impact of gender bias on the criminal justice system’s response to domestic and sexual violence. Framed by the recent Department of Justice guidance, “Identifying and Preventing Gender Bias in Law Enforcement Response to Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence,” participants will have the opportunity to identify how gender bias is at work in their own systems and learn ways to address it.

Featured Speakers

Come and learn from Russell Strand, who will provide a half-day intensive for participants. He will discuss the art and science suspect interviews, and will examine how communities and interventions can change the cultural of acceptance of sexual violence. Mark Wynn will provide a close look at the specific challenges faced by law enforcement when responding to gender bias, and he will also delve into liability concerns. Hillary Potter will be with us to discuss the implications of the intersections of racial and gender bias. Many other experts will round out the agenda.

This training will provide a space to: 1) examine how biases can impede identification of the appropriate assailant, thorough reporting and investigation, and effective consistent prosecution, 2) develop policies and practices that support an agency culture that centers victims and 3) share promising practices that have led to culture change within agencies and the community.

Logistics & Registration 

There are no registration or training fees to attend. This conference is open to OVW Improving Criminal Justice Responses (formerly GTEAP or “Arrest” ) grantees and OVW Rural Grantees. These OVW grantees are pre-approved to use grant travel funds to attend.

  • Improving Criminal Justice Responses grantees must use their OVW-issued grant number to register for this training.
  • Rural grantees, please register using this number: 2011-WEAX-1933.

Registration/hotel deadline is February 3, 2016. 


For questions related to the content of the conference, please contact Sujata Warrier at BWJP: 612-824-8768, ext. 116; For questions related to conference logistics, please contact Jeanne Larson at BWJP: 612-824-8768, ext. 101;

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