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Event: Working With Adult Survivors of Childhood Trauma: Understanding the Brain, Attachment, and Somatic Therapy



This presentation will focus on therapy with adult clients who are survivors of childhood abuse.  It will review the literature on the impact of Adverse Childhood Events (ACES) on child and adult symptoms development (biological, psychological, social).  Dr. Barnes will discuss the impact of childhood trauma on memory and brain development and interventions that support changes in brain plasticity and interrupt proceduralized symptom response.  Practical interventions will be discussed for working with adult attachment issues and for implementing somatic, body based therapies.


Presenter Bio:

Dr. Michael Barnes is a Licensed Professional Counselor who serves as the Clinical Program Manager for CeDAR (Center for Dependency, Addiction, and Rehilitation) at the University of Colorado Hospital.  He provides administrative oversight and clinical supervision for all residential (primary and extended-care) programs.  He has developed and is implementing a trauma integrated model for the treatment of individuals with co-occurring addiction and trauma.  This model incorporates aspects of the Containment and Autonomic Regulation (CAR) Therapy and an understanding of memory systems, with traditional addiction and recovery treatment models.  Dr. Barnes comes to CeDAR after 10 years as a full time clinical professor in Counseling.  Most recently he served as the Clinical Coordinator for the MA Program in Counseling at the University of Colorado Denver.