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Executive Director, Brie Franklin, Discusses Sex Harassment at the Capitol

Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper, who is weighing a presidential run, told us that that he was more focused on solving other issues like long-term infrastructure spending and didn’t want to tell lawmakers how to handle the situation.

“What is the offense that requires someone where should give up their seat? It’s a gray area,” he said. “It’s really just a matter of opinion. My opinion is not that much more relevant that somebody else’s. The one difference is my opinion might deeply upset or unsettle people that are trying to find compromises on things that are of deep significance.”

Hickenlooper later released a statement to us saying he wants people to feel safe and supported. He said Baumgardner’s punishment is too little too late.

Brie Franklin with the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault says the governor’s lack of leadership has been disheartening.

“Why is this issue not as important as other issues?” she said. “I mean, as the leader for the state, it would definitely be nice if he spoke up and called on them to hold themselves accountable.”

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