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Third Party Events

Thank you for choosing CCASA as the beneficiary for your upcoming event! CCASA values and relies upon support from our community.

Please review our policy below (click here to download our policy) and then submit the Third Party Event Application at the bottom of this page at least four (4) weeks prior to the proposed event so we may give your proposal the consideration it deserves. Larger events may require more time for consideration. CCASA may also consider applications received less than four (4) weeks prior on a case-by-case basis.

CCASA staff may require third party event organizers to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). It is up to CCASA staff to determine if a MOU is needed. For events that are projected to generate a revenue of over $5,000, a MOU is highly encouraged.


Third Party Event Policy

Third Party’s Role and Responsibilities

  • If your idea or event is approved, you must be prepared to provide all the support necessary to organize and conduct the event, including publicity.
  • You will assume all legal and financial liability associated with the event, including providing required permits and insurance.

CCASA’s Role and Responsibilities

  • In limited circumstances, CCASA may be able to provide some administrative or logistical assistance for the event (e.g., selling tickets, sending email messages to our supporters, providing tax receipts to sponsors and participants, etc.). However, this involvement is NEVER to be assumed. If this support is needed, please indicate on the Third Party Event Application, with as much detail as possible.
  • In limited circumstances, CCASA may post the event on our web site and/or social media accounts when information is provided in a timely manner. This decision is at the discretion of CCASA staff.
  • Depending on availability, CCASA may be able to provide a staff member or volunteer as a participant, speaker, or representative for the event. Please note whether this is requested or needed in the Third Party Event Application.
  • CCASA’s general liability insurance does not cover third party events, and we assume no legal or financial liability for the event or promotion.
  • Please indicate on the Third Party Event Form whether the event requires CCASA brochures or other collateral materials and, if so, the quantity requested.
  • CCASA will not solicit sponsors for the event and will not provide contacts or mailing lists.

Use of CCASA’s Name and Logo

  • The use of CCASA’s name and logo is prohibited until you have received permission from CCASA. If given permission, CCASA will provide a high-resolution logo for your use.
  • All promotional materials (i.e. invitations, press releases, fliers, email messages, posters, web page listings, etc.), including tagging CCASA through social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter), must be reviewed and approved by CCASA staff prior to use. Failure to share promotional materials with CCASA may result in CCASA declining all participation.

Financial Guidelines

  • Under no circumstances will third party event host expenses or revenue flow through CCASA.
  • CCASA requests third party event hosts use appropriate financial controls.
  • CCASA will in no way be responsible for any expenses or payments related to the event.
  • CCASA assumes no legal or financial liability associated with the event.
  • Event invitations and signage must indicate to the public and donors at the point of solicitation the percentage or exact amount of monies that will be given to CCASA. (Example: 100% of the silent auction or $5 of each $45 ticket. Please do not use designations such as “all” or “a portion of”)
  • Receipts for donations will be provided by CCASA if requested.
  • Donors and purchasers of raffle and auction items should consult with their own tax advisors to determine tax-deductibility.
  • If an event has no cost associated, but the organizer wants to encourage guests make a financial donation to CCASA, that donation will be 100% tax deductible.
  • Checks are preferred for financial donations. If individuals wish to make a cash donation, an acknowledgment/receipt will be sent to the donor, provided contact information and accurate cash donation amounts are collected by the event organizer and given to CCASA.
  • Credit card donations can be accepted if a representative of CCASA is present at the event to complete the transactions. This must be agreed to when the event is scheduled and a Memo of Understanding signed.
  • Donations may also be made online at https://www.coloradogives.org/ccasa/overview or through Venmo to @CCASA-Colorado
  • CCASA also accepts donations collected through 3rd party platforms such as Facebook.

CCASA reserves the right to refuse third party event offers if it is deemed that the brand, logo, and reputation of CCASA will be harmed, if the third party or event does not align with our stated values, or if it requires a time commitment or resources that CCASA is unable to provide due to capacity.


 Third Party Event Application

  • Please include http:// or https://