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I have a Crush…on an App

By Alexa Priddy, CCASA Blogger

So, I will admit to downloading many apps, some of which get deleted the very next week so that I can then have the space to download more.  I love the ones that help me organize, track my running, tell me the news…and, of course, games!  However, since I work at CCASA, I also look for apps related to safety, healthy sexuality, sexual violence and healing. I don’t need to give a rundown of all the apps that you probably know about because we’ve done that before.

The app I want to tell you about is called SexPositive and was started out of the University of Oregon. It promotes healthy sexuality while also addressing consent and boundaries (among other things) with each sex act.  It is fun (a bit like wheel of fortune).  It is informative (but just the right amount).  And better yet, I can actually see college students (and many others of us) using this and learning something that helps re-frame the way we approach sex, relationships, and consent.  Don’t let my excitement fool you…this apps isn’t life-changing, but it sure is cool and a step in a different direction for the apps I see.  Check it out, and let me know if you have a bit of a crush, too.

Download it and learn more here!



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