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In the News…1984 Edition

In 1984, the world population was about 4.7 billion people, a gallon of gas was only $1.10, and Desmond Tutu won the Nobel Peace Prize. Here’s a list of other newsworthy items and interesting facts from that happened that year.

  • Truman Capote died at age 59.
  • The first successful cloning of an extinct species occurred (the quagga).
  • A movie ticket averaged $2.50.
  • Alex Trebek became the new host of Jeopardy!
  • The US Olympic games were held in Los Angeles, and the Soviet Union (and other bloc countries) didn’t come.
  • MTV’s Music Video Awards began.
  • The Raiders won Superbowl XVIII (38 to 9).
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch had its product debut. So did Mr. T cereal… but not all products get to live out their creators dreams.
  • The first version of Tetris was released. 1tetris_nintendo1
  • Reagan declared July National Ice Cream month.
  • The Supreme Court ruled on the Betamax case, making it legal for people to record TV shows to watch later.

What were you doing in 1984, and what news stories do you remember? Come and test your knowledge of 80s trivia and dance to your favorite 80s hits at CCASA’s 30th Anniversary 80s Party!

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