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In the News (Apr. 19, 2014- Apr. 24, 2014)

Dear Joan Rivers, CCASA is very disappointed. It’s not about getting a book deal.

More college football rape. At least this time, at Vanderbilt (though not UNM, yet), there’s something of a solidarity movement.

Wednesday was Denim Day. Find out what CCASA did in support of survivors.

Condoms that promote consent? Yes please!

Game of Thrones and rape. There’s so much being said about this. Also, what??consent-condoms-638x477

David Choe, and rape stories.

Sexual assault in the military. Still and/or again.

Acknowledging rape (not just a “miserable night”).

When Cardinal Dolan said contraceptives are available at 7-11, surely he was thinking of condoms, because hormonal and emergency contraceptives are most definitely not available at convenience stores.


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