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In the News (Apr. 3, 2015 – Apr. 10, 2015)

Compiled by Liz Clift, CCASA Contributor

Jon Krakauer on the bungled Rolling Stone UVA story. And, NPR interviews the Columbia School of Journalism Dean who investigated the story.

106 schools are currently being investigated for mishandling sexual assault.

The rape trial has begun for a former Goldman-Sachs banker.

The Phoenix sheriff botched the investigation of a 13-year-old’s rape, and her rapist attacked her again. The settlement: $3.5m.

One woman on why she doesn’t want journalists to contact her rapist, although she’s willing to provide them other information to corroborate her story.

On not accepting Erdley’s apology: “You have to be prepared for turbulence when you’re reporting on sex crimes in a world that thinks vindictive women lie about rape when they don’t get a second date and assault only happens in dark alley when you’re walking alone.”

How former NFL player Darren Sharper was able to rape nine women in four states.

“[I]t’s not anonymity that perpetuates stigma – rape culture does. And more so than protecting victims from the amorphous idea of “stigma”, anonymity in the media protects them from the very tangible – and often horrible – ramifications of coming forward.”

Reminder: Sex without consent is still rape, or why “ladies beware” messages are still getting it wrong.

What happens when civilians accuse troops of rape?

Rand Paul doesn’t think it’s worth talking about abortion access for rape survivors.

Two beds.

200 students at the University of North Carolina take a walk to raise awareness about sexual assault.

A trauma-sensitive yoga instructor goes public with her story of surviving rape, as a way to combat stigma and shame.

A comparison about men’s perspectives versus women’s perspectives when talking about rape on campus.

Diversity of tactics: a video game that might help people understand unwanted sexual attention.

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