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In the News (Dec. 30, 2013 – Jan. 3, 2014)

This week’s In The News… is a bit shorter due to holidays, but (unfortunately) certainly not due to a lack of stories about rape and sexual assault.

Happy 2014 to all our readers, and thank you for helping spread the word about what’s happening in the news regarding sexual assault and rape.

A 16-year-old West Bengal girl was gang-raped and then burned to death by her attackers. Another 16-year-old girl was allegedly raped during New Year’s festivities in Philly.

This is rape culture.

A suspected rapist in Cape Town was stoned to death in a show of vigilante justice.

Another college rape.

Sexual assault in the military: one man’s story.

Surprise, surprise, another ad campaign that confuses drinking “too much” with being sexually assaulted.

The PEW Research Center reports that Facebook is still the most popular social media platform (unless you’re part of certain demographics). Does this type of information reflect the way you use social media for outreach? What do you think about this in light of this recent news in which a Twitter user threatens to rape an unconscious woman or the recent news about Facebook not immediately taking down pages that glorify sexual assault? Let us know your thoughts about this in the comments below or contact us if this sparks an idea for a blog post.

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