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In the News (Jan. 4, 2014- Jan.10, 2014)

A Voice for Men strikes again: this time by bribing people to make false rape accusations and accusing a prominent victim advocate of sexual assault.

This poem isn’t new, but it’s a great spoken word piece by Guante on culture. Check it out:

In DC, a bill is pending that would improve the police force’s response to rape calls.

Ma’lik Richmond, of the Stubenville rape case, was released this week.

Amanda Hess writes about her experience – and the experience of many female identified folks – of not being welcome on the internet, and how law enforcement often fails to respond to these threats (trigger warning for explicit threats of gendered sexual violence).

Daisy Coleman, the teen at the center of the Missouri crape case that’s made national news attempted suicide after a new wave of cyberbullying this weekend and Matthew Barnett, her accused, finally plead guilty – for endangering the welfare of a child.

Nigerians turn on a comic who makes a rape joke.

A recent nationwide survey found that the Montana State Prison had especially high rates of rape and sexual assault.

A Massachusetts school employee is accused of the statutory rape of a 15-year-old boy.

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