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In the News (June 21, 2014- June 27, 2014)

Two men were indicted in Waco on child rape charges.

A chiropractor has had his license suspended, following sexual abuse charges.

Did you miss the George Will debacle about survivor privilege? If so, it’s summarized here, and plus you can learn about the ways George Will has doubled down in response to all the backlash.

Five things we should start teaching boys about sexual assault (in easy list form for reposting on Facebook).

A lovely and heart-breaking essay on non-consensual sex, and acknowledging the 1:5 women statistic.

Affirmative consent may be the new standard on college campuses in California, and for some reason people aren’t sure they like it.

Robin Thicke has a new video out, and it’s really disturbing.

On giving a student body a “timely warning” after learning about a sexual assault that occurs on campus.

A driver in Boston is being held on a $35,000 bail for raping and robbing a woman.

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