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In the News (June 26, 2014-July 17, 2014)

Trigger warning: A powerful comic about rape, and telling one’s story.

Todd Akin regrets apologizing for his comment about legitimate rape in 2012.

A new study finds that 40% of colleges have not properly investigated reports of rape in last 5 years.

A 16-year-old Texas teen, whose sexual assault went viral, is speaking out.

The Daily Show’s sketch, The Fault in Our Schools, uses comedy to address the epidemic of sexual assault on campus (and in general).

Sorry, Kanye, being photographed in public is not like rape.

Two University of Miami football players were arrested after admitting that they raped a 17-year-old.

Harvard is hiring a team of people to specifically investigate sexual assault reports.

Why cops get away with rape.

An artist is using Disney characters to make a point about rape.

This week, Florida executed a man convicted in 1994 of child rape and murder.

Actually, it’s not “buyer’s remorse.”

College reps attended a conference that addressed ways to better handle reports of sexual assault on campus.

A chart that explains sexual harassment at scientific field sites.

This is one reason why people might choose not to report rape.

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