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In the News (Mar. 6, 2015 – Mar. 13, 2015).

Would you force someone to drink a cup of tea? Also, tea myths and sympathy.

Two UMBC students have been expelled, following a sexual assault investigation.

Brown University students don’t trust the school to fix its sexual assault problem.


Why Madonna didn’t report her rape.

This is not okay.

Pay attention to this court case, dealing with offender release.

A Portland woman reports she was raped under anesthesia.

“If my rapist had a gun at school, I have no doubt I would be dead. That’s why I started this petition asking legislators in these states not to allow guns on campuses and put survivors like me in even more danger.”

Image courtesy of: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/03/12/13-year-old-s-rape-case-dismissed-because-her-body-is-well-developed.html

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