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Freedom from Sexual Violence

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In the News (May 26, 2014- June 9, 2014)

In the News (May 26, 2014- June 9, 2014)

We are getting caught up with the news after our Annual Colorado Advocacy in Action Conference!

How often does your college report sexual assault?

In India, two girls were raped, and then hanged from mango trees. The details on how these girls were related remains shaky, but so far five have been arrested in connection with this crime, and two are still at large.

Rethinking fairy tale rape.

This article provides an infographic of cities that have the greatest backlog of untested rape kits. Is your city among them?

Glenn Beck speaks about his father’s rapes, in response to criticisms about his recent rape and sexual violence skit.

On using your monster voice to ward of sexual assault. Yes, really.

A gentleman’s guide to rape culture.

Rape investigations should focus more on the role of the accused.

An Adams County (CO) deputy is accused of sexual assault and domestic violence.

Actor Cameron Thor has been arrested under allegations of child sexual assault.

A sexual assault at a high school in Georgia has prompted comparisons to Stuebenville. Amanda Hess makes the case that this isn’t an accurate comparison.

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