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In the News (Oct. 25, 2013- Nov. 1, 2013)

Liz, our intern, has seen a lot of news about the difference between men’s and women’s Halloween costumes (sexy clownfish, anyone?), because October. She was glad to learn about this article by Cosmo that discusses slut-shaming, Halloween, and how Halloween is an opportunity talk about slut shaming. From the article, on slut-shaming Halloween costumes:

It’s much easier — and, unfortunately common — to shame individuals rather than try to change the society that seemingly made their choices for them.

Jessica Valenti provides a helpful guide for journalists writing about rape.

Alcohol as a date rape drug. And while we’re thinking about that, here’s an article about telling women not to drink as rape prevention, and why it doesn’t work.Shot glasses

The Boulder County DA is calling for sexual assault forensic exams to be made available within Boulder County again for the first time in nearly a decade.

VAWA could have helped Daisy Coleman seek justice.

Five men are on trial in South Africa. They’re charged with raping and killing two toddlers.

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